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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wage revision will be signed at 5 PM 27th April 2010

Latest information as on 3 pm , 27 April 2010.

Instead of 1.6 of basic , 2.8 will be deducted from the arrears , only from those employee who opted pf before and now want to opt pension .


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

70% Voters are against sharing of pension load

As on 21.04.2010 , the voters clearly chosen their verdict.
we had conducted the voting titled

"should pension Load shared among bank employees? (from 33 months arrears)"

regarding the deduction in from total arrears with the 1.6 X of the basic (as per Nov 2007 basic). The 70 % bank employee voted against the proposed scheme. It is gross injustice done by IBA and UNION Leaders (Union of Cheaters) to bank employee who opted pension. This is the right time to resign from the union membership to raise your voices .

Bank Union hai hai
UFBU Hai hai
IBA hai hai

Monday, April 5, 2010

Latest complete Bank Officers salary details

Download the XLS file from below mentioned link for all your salary details needs after 9th Bipartite Settlement.

Bank Union Hai hai

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bank Officers are again cheated by AIBOA and AIBOC

Is this settlement we are expecting ? This time around we are confident that the junior officers have been given a raw deal and as usual they have failed to redress their grievances. We are confident that the pay increase as well as arrears for sub staff will more than the junior officers .What a shame. Now a Bank Probationary Officer is equivalent to a peon of government" and "officers at senior level are at par with clerks of government . What ridicule you made of us union leader ?. Throw these union leaders from their post the fresh/new officers must resign from the union membership otherwise we will again cheated in next settlement. This is not a pay revision but an alms to the beggar.It is better for the juniors to resign from the present unions and form a separate union as five to six years from now most of the seniors will retire .The new union should exclusively fight for better pay packets for Junior Officers which are comparable with the ones in the private sector as we do the same kind of work if not more. Come on juniors, let us unite otherwise we will be trampled by the self serving seniors who are not at all concerned about the welfare of the juniors .

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just for humer : A typical Meeting of Bank Unions with IBA

Meeting with IBA was fruitful and positive and we were able to convince IBA on certain important issues like there will a increase in cycle allowance by Rs 50.00, on other issues IBA is very adamant, talks to follow and in the next meeting issues regarding pension will be settled and regarding wage revision the talks will begin once pension issue is settled, date for next meeting will be decided latter.

Now see what happens on next meeting :

Initially meeting with IBA was fruitful and positive. We are able to convince IBA on Lunch items , they are forcing to include Bread Pakoda with tomato ketchup, Tea and Kurkure but we opposed the proposed items , our demand was Chicken tandoori , Butter Chicken Masala . because of these issues and adamant behavior of IBA the meeting was adjourned.

Ha ha ha....